22 Inch Osram Double Row LED Light Bar GEMTEK

22 Inch LED Light Bar Double Row Osram DRL G60 Series

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Featuring our patented dual Off-Axis freeform reflectors, the GTD6 LED Light Bars deliver incredible long distance throw with broad driving flood that significantly improves visibility on both sides of the road. The GTD6 also features integrated Position/Parking/DRL lights that enhance daytime visibility and give your vehicle a more modern touch.

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We have confident in the quality of our products and we want you to have a peace of mind when you purchase our products. GEMTEK provides 3 Year replacement warranty for all LED Light Bars against quality defects and major faults and 12 months for LED worklights, LED headlights and tail lights. 

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  • Hi There, What is the price of these? $159.90 is crossed out. I am also wondering if the wiring harness will fit a 2012 volvo v50 t5. Sorry that it is an obscure car model. Also, is there any way to mount these flush on a flat plate surface? Thanks

    Hi there, the crossed out line means the 22 Inch GT6 light bars are currently sold out but a newer version of the GT6 will be back in stock later this week. Please keep an eye on our site for availability. Thanks.

  • Is this light compatible with a 2017 Mitsubishi triton exceed. Thanks

    Hi, the wiring harness that comes with this light bar is compatible with your 2017 Mitsubishi Triton's H4 headlights, so this light bar and the wiring harness is compatible. However the 22 Inch GT6 light bar is out of stock at the moment and they will be back by the end of Feb 2018.

  • in the specs you quote "raw lumens", where can I find the actual lumen output of each light.

    Hi there,

    Raw Lumen is the maximum theoretical value provided by the LED manufacturers, just like the engine power of a car, the actual wheel power is going to be lower than the engine power on the spec sheet due to losses in transmission and drivetrain. 

    In terms of lumens of any luminaire, the factors that dictate the actual lumens are things like, quality of the electronics, how well the cooling is designed, the quality of the lens and reflectors, as well as how much current is going through each LED.

    The laboratory test results of the GT6 8 inch light bar show it has 3,459.2 Lumens, compared to raw lumens of 4,742lm so the efficiency is roughly 70%. Such a large loss is because we only drive our LEDs 85% of their maximum capacity to ensure it will retained 95% of the initial brightness over 30,000 hours of continue usage.

    Most Light bar manufacturers drive their LEDs at 100% or even exceed it to make them look bright at first, then the light bar will age prematurely and they will get dimmer and dimmer within a short period of time.

    I hope this helps, if you have more quenstions please feel free to ask.

  • What degrees are the wide and spot reflectors

    Hi there,

    The spot beam is 6 degree and flood beam is 60 degree, the GT6 light bars also produce two beam at 180 degree on both sides to provide extra side illumination.


  • Are the 2 bottom mounts enough to securely mount it to the spot light brackets on a Toyota nudge bar or does it need the 2 side mount brackets to be used as well?

    Hi there,

    The bottom mounts are strong enough to support the light bar, the side brackets are there to provide another way to mount it on a bull bar clamps.


  • Is the plug and play compatible with 2013 Hi-Lux headlights ?


    Thank you for your enquiry! Yes the plug and play wiring harness is compatible with your 2013 Hilux's H4 headlights. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you.

  • Is this plug and play compatible with 2017 navara with LED headlights?

    Hi there,

    The wiring harness that comes with this light bar is compatible with aftermarket LED conversion Kit. So if your 2017 Navara uses H4 LED Bulbs then it is plug and play compatible.

    Thank you.

  • How much 2 send to 4503 Qld?

    Hi Dave,

    All our products include free shipping Australia wide.


  • Does it fit for 2014 Prado diesel series?

    Yes, the wiring kit that comes with our light bar does fit the 2014 Toyota Prado's 9005(HB3) high beam

  • I'm surprised that the GTD6 22 inch light bar only uses 3 watt leds, when most bars are now using 5 watt or even 10 watt leds. Is there any reason for this? Also, how does this bar compare to 7 inch led spotties? Cheers

    In the market flooed with low-price lights, most sellers are tempted to quote insane numbers to confuse customers who aren't familiar with LEDs. LEDs are meant to consume less energy than HID or Halogen while producing more light, hence wattage is irrelavent to describe the light output.

    The output of a light bar is determined by factors like efficiency, the brand of the LEDs, the grade of the LEDs (known as BIN) as well as the actual amount of current going through each LED. You can have poor quality 10W LEDs producing less light than a 3W one with higher BIN number running at higher current.

    I seriously doubt other bars use real 5W or 10W LEDs other than the ones that cost four five hundreds or more. Heat is the achilles heel of LEDs, if they do they either have poor quality 5W/10W LEDs or run them at 30% to 50%, because overheating will cause damage to the LEDs and electronics which in turns permanently decrease the light bar's brightness.

    The 7 Inch spot lights have deeper reflector cups that produces a more focus beam so the range (1lux @734m) is much higher than the GTD6 22inch. The GTD6 22 Inch gives you a more spread at close and medium range, but sacrifice distance in return ( 1lux @ 480m)

  • Is this compatible with 24v

    Yes, the light bar has an operational voltages between 10V ~ 32V DC

  • What is the max width of the bottom mounts ?

    The max spacing is 425mm

  • Is this light bar compatible for a 2005 Toyota Hilux RWD petrol truck?

    Yes it is compatible with the 2005 Hilux if it uses H4 bulbs for high and low beam.

  • Hi how does the DRL function work with the H4 plug and play. Does it constantly run with the ignition on or only works with parkers? Or is it a switch?

    Hi, there is a trigger wire next to the DT plug which you can feed power to activate the DRL. You can connect the trigger wire to your car's ACC fuse so it will turn on when the engine is running or tap into the parkers.

  • Hi Is the plug and play compatible with Holden Colorado 2018 ? and will it fit on Nudge bar theres 2 holes on nudge bar will it strong enough? cheers

    Hi, the wiring harness that comes with our light bar only works on vehicles with H4 and HB3 high beam. Your 2018 Holden Colorado uses H1 for High Beam so you will need to purchase H1 piggyback adapters to work with our wiring harness. The light bar has adjustable bottom mounts which can be mounted on the existing holes on the nudge bar.

  • 22 Inch LED Light Bar Double Row Osram GTD6 DRL. Hi I have a Subaru Outback 2016 and wanted to check if this would fit. I am pretty sure it does not have a H4 connector. Is there an adapter or alternative harness available ? Thanks

    Hi, the 2016 outback uses HB3 (9005) high beam which is compatible with the wiring harness that comes with the GTD6 Light Bar.