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9006 HB4 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit Gemtek Radiant Series

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Chip Scale Packaging LEDs are selected for its compact form, reliable performance, and excellent 5800K colouring index that won't cause eye fatigue like many other generic bulbs that produce bluish colour. The arrangement and focal point of the LEDs are meticuliously calibrated to ensure the safest and most usable beam pattern on the market. 

LED Headlight Conversion Bulb  Gemtek Radiant



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Ask a Question
  • the HB3 and HB4 bulbs look to be identical except for the fittings, is that correct?

    Hi, both the HB3 and HB4 bulbs share the same housing design and LEDs arrangement except for a small differences in the connectors.

  • Does this fit a cx7 2010 model. And what modifications would be required.

    The CX7 takes H7 for low beam and HB3(9005) for high beam, no modification is required for your car.

  • Hi there, are these compatible with a subaru impreza RS 2010 ? Thank you

    Yes our kits are compatible with the 2010 Subaru Impreza RS. You will need H11 or H7 for low beam and 9005 aka HB3 for high beam.

  • Would it fit my Honda CR-V 2019? Also would you provide installation guide?

    Can you be more specific about your Honda CR-V 2019? Our database shows it uses HB3 for high beam and H11 for low beam.

  • Hi team, I'm in the market for low and high beam led's for my Toyota Rav4 (2006) Would your guys leds plug and play and do they require any modifications to fit into factory housing? Also would I need HB4 and HB3 or is that incorrect. Thanks in advance!

    They are plug and play so no modifications are required give your Toyota RAV4 takes 9005 HB3 and 9006 HB4 for high and low beam

  • Will these work with my 09 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo? Same fitment but I've told may have flicker issues with LED bulbs. Will these work with my car?

    Our LED bulbs have anti flicker module built in, as for your Jeep 2009 Grand Cherokee, it takes 9005(HB3) for high beam and 9006(HB4) for low beam.

  • Hi, will these fit a 2009 Nissan Tiida?

    The 2009 Nissan Tiida takes H4 so the HB4 (9006) is not compatible.

  • Will these fit my 2015 Holden Cruze

    The 2015 Holden Cruze takes H4 for high and low beam, so the HB4 is not compatible with your vehicle.

  • Will they fit a 2016SR Hilux dual cab??

    Our datebase shows the 2016 Hilux SR dual cab takes HB3(9005) for high beam. However if your owner's manual says it takes HB4 for high beam then I think the HB4(9006) will fit.

  • Will these fit a 2007 Toyota Camry Headlight Globe Replacement?

    Our database shows the 2007 Toyota Camry takes HB3(9005) for high beam, not 9006.

  • Will they fit my MQ Triton

    Yes, these are compatible with the MQ Triton.

  • Will they work on my 2015 lancer

    Yes these are compatible with 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer

  • Will it fit a 2013 Mitsubishi Sportback lancer?

    These are compatible with the 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer's high and low beam.

  • i have a 2014 prado - do i need the HB3? and are they just plug and play? ie plug straight into existing plug?

    Yes the HB3 is for the high beam, our LED kits are plug and play, no modification is required.

  • Will these fit a 2005 Hyundai Getz?

    The 2005 Hyundai Getz uses H4 for high and low beam, not the HB4 (9006)

  • what is the model I need for 2003 Land cruiser Sahara High Beam?

    The 2003 Landcruiser Sahara uses HB3 (aka 9005) for high beam.

  • Will it fit my 2015 mitsubishi lancer is cj auto, on low (dipped) and high beam or would I need a separate globe

    Hi, although the 2015 CJ Mitsubishi Lancer uses the same HB4 (9006) for both high and low beam, you will need two pairs of bulbs, a set for high and the other for low beam.

  • Hi, will it be fit in Mitsubishi Lancer 2011 SX for low beam?

    Hi, yes it will fit the 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer SX.

  • Hi there! Just wondering if you happen to know whether this would fit a 2008 WRX fog light arrangement. Kind Regards, Merat

    Yes, our bulbs will work on most Subaru models.

  • Will these fit my 2019 LC79 dual cab landcruiser ute? Cheers Paul

    Yes these will fit the 2019 LC79 Landcruiser Ute.

  • Is this set of Led suitable for 2017 RAV4 model?? And also is this for high or low beam??

    Hi, our databse shows the 2017 RAV4 uses H11 for low beam and HB3(9005) for high beam. You can see which bulbs are suitable for your vehicle through the owner's manual.